Depositions on Rachel Randolph's Case

Intentions are revealed through behavior, not through rhetoric.

When we consider the facts that - (1) the board terminated Rachel Randolph's employment on the same day they terminated the other founder's employment, (2) the terminations occurred a mere two months after a painstaking three year effort to establish the school, and (3) their pretext for terminating Rachel Randolph's employment was that the essential work she was doing for the school at its startup put her in an unauthorized position - we see an intention to assume unfettered control of the school and its two million dollar annual budget.

After two years, Rachel Randolph gained the opportunity to hear the board explain the thinking that led them to appropriate the fruits of her labor. You can judge for yourself whether or not their testimonies dislodge the straightforward assessment of their intentions.

 Outline of Questioning

Testimony of President

Testimony of Vice President

Testimony of Secretary

Testimony of Treasurer