Dear Founders and Supporters of Khepera Charter School,

Rachel Randolph has filed a lawsuit against Khepera Charter School Board of Trustees. Further information pertinent to her lawsuit can be found on the following website ( Rachel E. Randolph and Carrie DM Bailey are two dedicated visionary educators. Their educational vision included establishing a charter school for children living in the Logan section of North Philadelphia. Their initial vision was realized. They worked night and day to ensure that children of North Philadelphia would have access to quality school choice. Documentation of Carrie DM Bailey and Rachel E. Randolph's work can also be found on the website referenced: (

Two month after Khepera Charter School opened; the board of trustees with ZERO educational experiences confiscated the work of the school's Founders Carrie DM Bailey and Rachel Randolph. They claimed to have a better (undefined) "vision" for educating some of our most vulnerable children. Based on information that can be found on the school district and the state websites we can now share some of the consequences of their "vision".

* Most of the founding parents and children from the community that initially supported the charter have left

* 2004 - 2005 Average Daily Attendance of 219. Attendance should be 275

* Lack of attendance was one of the reasons school did not make AYP (Average Yearly Progress).

* All grades failed to achieve academic standards based on the No Child Left Behind Act.

* Received a warning because school failed to meet AYP in three of five areas

* Special education is being monitored

* More than 50% staff turnover.

* Certified teachers resigned

* Three CEO's in two school years

* Advertising multiple opportunities for certified teachers including summer school teachers.

* Health code violations

* Use of the resources of a management company, charter application specified that a management company would not be used.

*Lost a lawsuit filed on behalf of the founder. Founder was awarded 50K by an arbitration panel following dismissals of two summary judgment motions filed against the lawsuit. (See civil docket report).

* Sued for age discrimination

* Total disregard for the due process rights of employees

* Ignored the Sunshine Law and the Right to Know Act, a part of Charter School Law

* Loss federal funds because of the inability to maintain adequate attendance

* Charter application written to educate 450 students in the 2006-07 school years. 2004-2005 ADM (average daily membership) below 240

The list is endless. The items above are samples of what constitutes "vision" under the leadership of the board of trustees, without skills and educational pedagogy, that confiscated the work of Carrie DM Bailey and Rachel Randolph.

If we are ever to achieve equity in this society, we must consistently focus attention on all violations of ethical standards

Without justice, there can be no peace.

Peace and Blessings,

Rachel Randolph
Carrie DM Bailey
Founders, Khepera Charter School