Khepera Charter School 2005-2006 Annual Report

This page contains links to (1) the state's template for the 2005-2006 Annual Report, and (2) the Khepera Charter School 2005-2006 Annual Report.

You can see for yourself that Khepera was less than forthright in providing genuine responses to each and every item. For example, consider the following item:


3. Describe the professional development provided or taken regarding governance of the school (including the Sunshine Law and the Public Officials Act) for the Board of Trustees.

Their response was:

Through out the year, the Board members participated in several kinds of professional development. This participation happened on the State, local and internal level. On the state level, trustees attended the annual Pennsylvania Charter School Conference on May 2006. Members attended the following workshops:

1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Board
2. The importance of collecting timely and accurate attendance
3. New legislation that affects governance of charter schools

The following excerpts from depositions belie the claim that the board received professional development:


Q: Do you know why there's a requirement for an annual report to be filed?

A: No.



Q: Were you involved at all in the drafting and filing of the Khepera annual report?

A: I wasn't involved in it.



Q: As your position as secretary, were you involved at all in preparing or filing an annual report?

A. No.

Q: Did you read the 2005-2006 annual reports or the 2004-2005 annual reports?

A: No.



Q: Did you read it (2005 Annual Report)?

A: No.
Q: Did you participate in any of these (professional development) sessions?

A: No.

The following are two of the key requirements that they failed to fulfill.


2. Professional Development

As prescribed in "Act 48 Professional Education Plan Guidelines" public charter schools are required to submit a three-year professional education plan summary to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Professional Education and Planning, 333 Market Street, 8th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333 for review and approval. Helpful information can be found at PDE web site at Attach a copy of the letter of approval as Attachment A.

4. Helping all students
c) Special Education

Include a copy of all special education policies and procedures for the school. Be sure to include policies and procedures that deal with identification and provision of services to special needs students. This should include instructional strategies for educating special education students. Attach a copy as Attachment D.

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